Keto Diet Update

Most of you already know that Tristyn has been following the Keto diet for a while now. For a couple weeks I followed a modified version of this diet and reached my goal weight so I haven’t been following it strictly for a while now. I do eat Keto meals at dinner time, and when I do eat bread it is only whole grains. As of last Sunday (April 8) he had finished 6 weeks of following this diet. His daily goal for carbs is 20 grams. His daily goal for protein is 131 grams, and his daily goal for fat is 174 grams. His start weight was 240 lbs, and as of Sunday he was down to 217. Down 23 lbs in a month and a half. This is what he has to say about this diet and his results so far:

“Keto is the best fit for me and my lifestyle. Becoming keto adapted has been a diet change that feels like a life long change, instead of a diet that is impossible to stay on track. In the first couple days you may experience ‘keto flu’, which may come in the form of drowsiness, headaches or lethargy. It only lasts for a couple days, and can be eliminated as long as you are sure to keep up on your magnesium, potassium and sodium. “Keto flu” is a small price to pay for how great you feel once you get the full benefits of keto. It is hard to describe all the ways that you feel healthier, but you can’t believe how much better you feel than you did before. I have more energy than I ever have before, and I am able to excercise more often and for longer duration. I was not a runner before keto, at all. I now enjoy running and look forward to it every day. If I had to give some advice for following keto, it would be to find a good app to track your macros, to be diligent with your food logs, and to be honest with how much you are eating. Using the app is critical for me to make sure I’m not only maintaining a healthy caloric deficit, but I am also staying within my macros on carbs, fat, and protein. I would also suggest that you do as much research as you can before you start the diet. Research could come in the form of recipes, tips or techniques to help you stay in ketosis, understanding and learning why keto works, or finding products that are keto friendly or even keto specific. At first the thought of cutting back on carbs so much seemed daunting, but another benefit of keto is that it has forced me to examine what and how much I am eating more closely. I plan out my meals carefully, and the mindless eating days of my past are gone. It has helped me understand what portions should look like, and how much I was overeating before. I have also found that since the variety of things that I can have for my meals is smaller, that I put extra care in making sure that every part of the meal is as delicious as possible. I very much enjoy the foods that I am able to eat on keto, and I also enjoy trying new recipes often. Further, since my body now uses fat for fuel, I feel like I always have enough fuel with me to keep me going. Since fat is my primary fuel source, there is an emphasis on keeping enough in my diet. Here in lies one of the greatest strengths of the keto diet. By consuming fats for fuel I am able to easily keep a caloric deficit without ever feeling like I’m starving. I am eating far fewer calories than I was before, but I never feel weak, calorie deprived or restricted. I also never feel as though getting to my next meal is as urgent as it used to be, which has afforded me a new flexibility that I didn’t know existed. All in all, keto is the first thing that has ever really worked for me for weight loss, and I can’t recommend it enough.”

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