Essentials for Mom Life

Moms do so much for their families and so often forget that they have needs too. It’s so important, not only to take time for yourself as a mom, but also to treat yourself with things you enjoy. When I had my first daughter I was notorious for buying all the things for her, and I mean ALL THE THINGS, but rarely ever bought nice things for myself. Well, times have changed, and this mama needs a little love too.

Here are my essentials that keep me looking and feeling my best in a split second.

1. Maskcara Makeup

This makeup is the best makeup. Enough said. I can put it on in under 10 minutes and the packaging is so handy that I can literally keep it with me at all times if necessary. My go-to colors for my face are Aura Highlight, Ash Contour, Hollywood Lip + Cheek, and Glamazing Powder Illuminator. Also necessary is my 30 Second HAC Brush.

It’s inexpensive – you can buy your entire face for only $56, which includes your face color, contour, blush, and an illuminator.

Here are the links to my favs ⬇️

Aura Highlight

Ash Contour

Hollywood Lip + Cheek

Glamazing Powder Illuminator

30 Second HAC Brush

Or shop all Maskcara products at the link below ⬇️

2. Aveda botanical kinetics energizing eye cream

I mean, let’s be honest, what mom doesn’t need an amazing eye cream in her life?! This one is my favorite ever and I put it on every morning without fail. I don’t know how to explain its magic, but it truly does liven up my whole eye area and take away my “mombie” look. Dark under eye bags BE GONE!

It’s $36, so I feel like that’s fairly comparable to other eye creams as well.

3. Red Wine

I’m not trying to kid anyone here, I definitely enjoy a glass or two of Cabernet Sauvignon a few times a week. Helps relieve some of the stress, but it just tastes SO good too! Here is my absolute favorite ⬇️

Kirkland Brand Cabernet Sauvignon

For the price, $7.99 in our store, this one cannot be beat. The flavor is amazing and it’s a larger bottle. I have tried all kinds of Cabernets, but I always come back to this one. If you haven’t tried it, definitely do! You will not regret it!

4. Ugg Funnel Neck Poncho

I dream about going home and putting this thing on all. day. long. Imagine living on a cloud – that’s what it feels like to wear this thing. It’s my happy place, and if I could buy one for every mom in the world I would totally do it.

More info ⬇️

5. Hydro Flask

Moms are busy people who often forget about hydrating during the hustle and bustle of the day. I used to be so good about getting my daily water intake in, but after I had my second baby I found myself slipping more and more in this category. Sure, I still drank lots of water, but it wasn’t where I needed to be. My Hydro Flask keeps my water cold all day long and I only have to refill it one time to be at my daily intake. Honestly though, I find myself filling it up even more than 2 times a day so often. It sounds dumb, but it inspires me and reminds me to drink water all day long.

I have the 40 oz wide mouth style in Blueberry ⬇️,blueberry,a,92,o,139

6. Bow-Tie Elastics

These hair ties are my absolute favorite. They leave no damage to the hair and don’t leave a kink mark either. I originally bought these for Blaire, but found myself using them instead. Now I can’t live without them. I found mine at Ulta – link below ⬇️

If you have any recommendations or products that you love to make life easier I’d love to hear. Please feel free to share ❤️


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