Easter Activites and Life Update

Last weekend we went to an Easter fundraiser at the White Aspen Ranch where they had this cute little display. We tried to set Emma up next to her and she fell off…oops!

They were doing pony rides and we thought it would be fun for her to ride one. She’s a bit of a daredevil and loves rides, so we didn’t think it would be an issue. Right before her turn one of the horses pooped in front of her, and if there is one thing Blaire is afraid of, it’s poop. So when we put the helmet on and tried to force her on the horse she cried and hated it. Look at that sad face…

But later we went to the zoo where she got her face painted, and that made it all better!

Dying Easter eggs is one of my favorite traditions, and Blaire really got into it this year!

Blaire made the little bunny and chick with her Grandma Stacie, Aunt Tori, and Aunt Hailey one Wednesday while I was at work and she is so proud of them.

Meanwhile Emma was busy having her first date, I mean play date, with my friend’s baby, Ryan.

The Saturday before Easter it snowed so most of the Easter egg hunts were cancelled. Luckily Scheels was putting on a fun event, and Blaire LOVES Scheels!

Easter Sunday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family and friends!


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